The Tea Party is Here: Mr. President – We didn’t ask for socialism!

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From Rick Santelli on the Chicago Trading floor to Tea Party events springing up around the country – we are seeing signs of a good old fashion, American protest against tyranny.

When a government uses fear tactics, and closed debate in order to shove legislation down our throats – this is tyranny. When a government saddles our children and grand-children with debt they didn’t ask for and cannot possibly pay – this is tyranny. And when a few decide to “change” our way of life, in order to bring about socialism – this is tyranny!

But the issue really comes down to this: what will you do? Will you just sit back, and stare into the abyss of your TV? Will you wait while a few hijack our country – watching your freedoms and your livelihood drain away? Or will you do something?

There is a window of opportunity – there is time before Obama’s road to serfdom is fully in place. We must determine to act now, and make our voices known.

What can we do?

1) Be well informed about the issues, and find news and information sources that you can trust. Hint: it is not the “mainstream” media!

2) Become a news source!

Start a blog, use Myspace, FaceBook, Twitter, inform your friends of pertinent news and information.

But take it to the next step: ask yourself – what do I really get into? Is it theology, family, politics, social issues, writing, the entertainment industry, music, art, gardening, etc? Become an expert of what you love, and then make it a point to use your expertise and influence in behalf of others.

3) Bring on the heat – contact your elected officials and express your opinion. (That is an experience in itself!)

4) Become involved in the political process.

Run for office, help find good candidates, become part of a political campaign. Changing the House of Representatives in 2010, is the significant first step in protecting our freedoms and our children’s future.

5) Keep up with Tea Party News, attend Tea Party Events, and encourage others to do the same.

May I suggest Michelle Malkin as one of your sources? She has become a focal point in the Tea party Movement, and will keep you informed throughout the day regarding Obama’s road to serfdom.

Here are some other resources:

#TCOT Report
New American Tea Party
Tax Day Tea Party

Please stand up. Make a difference. Start throwing some tea overboard.


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Mr Letterman: Obama hitting his head is funny!

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Well, it not just you. It’s all of those late night guys and the liberal funny people. I just don’t get it. Everybody in America knows that if it was Bush who hit his head, or walking up to a window instead of a door, it would be funny fodder for years, that’s right – funny fodder.

Mr. President, “Duck!” I know, not Freeman too!

Look, I am not a comedian, but I do know that this is “the stuff dreams are made of,” for even liberal funny people.

Come on, this picture is funny! Krissy came by and was reminded of the saying, “If God closes the door, He opens a window…well, I guess not”

What about Obama calling the capitol of Canada, Iowa? Well, I guess Iowa does sound like Ottawa.

I am sorry Mr. President, but America did not invent the car! My, my, my – what will the Germans think?

Politico has reported that, “President Barack Obama doesn’t go anywhere without his TelePrompter. The textbook-sized panes of glass holding the president’s prepared remarks follow him wherever he speaks.” This is a good thing.

Well, I’ll leave this picture alone…no, really, I mean it…see me, I am walking away…

The purpose of this blog is not to ridicule: we get enough of that from the Left. Just look at their little plot against Rush Limbaugh. They have a hard time debating ideas – so ridicule is the next best thing.

The purpose of this blog?

1) The hypocrisy and double standard of the Left. If it was George Bush in the pictures above, or the gaffs mentioned, it would be everywhere. The Late Night Guys and the liberal funny people would run with this material – for who knows how long.

Let me ask you a question: does the above material indicate that Obama is mentally challenged?

2) Humor is a great leveler of mankind. It humbles us as we learn to laugh at ourselves.

3) It’s a great medicine for the messiah complex!

Let’s relax – it’s OK to laugh at Obama.

Check out – Late Night Wimps Still Won’t Mock Obama by Tim Slagle at Big Hollywood, as he reviews the late night and other liberal funny people.

More fun with Barack!

Let’s see, other name for enemy combatants. Maybe “terrorist challenged?”Obama to re-brand “enemy combatants” By Michelle Malkin

Can you imagine if George Bush said that he would talk to the moderates of the Taliban? Analysts to Obama: There are no Taliban “moderates,” you nitwit

Is someone protesting too much! Obama actually called the NYT back to make sure they knew that he was not a socialist! I am not a socialist! Obama makes Oval Office call to reporters – Washington Times

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NewsBusted! 2/27/09

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The Obama Road to Serfdom: Good Morning Socialist States of America!

The people giveth, and the government taketh away…

Serfdom – a member of a servile feudal class bound to the land and subject to the will of its owner – Merriam-Webster

With a stroke of President Obama’s pen, our country is on the road to Socialism. We are now on the Obama Road to serfdom. His call for change doesn’t lead us to a new path, a new road, but a path that has led to failure. His new change is the decision to visit failure again. Instead of following the flow of freedom in the West from a totalitarian state, to freedoms unheard of in world history; Obama’s Road to Serfdom will lead us to socialism – which in turn, will hand over our future to the State, and to servitude.

Instead of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed; Barack Obama wants us to bow our knee as a people of the government, by the government, and for the government. As a radical leftist, his intention is to bring change. But he wants to change the very fabric of our free society, to remake it, into his and his fellow elite’s image. His goal: to remake the most free, most prosperous, most powerful, most religious country in the world – and reduce it to a European secular socialist state.

It was almost surreal, watching the President and the Democrats use fear mongering, to shove this so-called Stimulus Package down our throats. The Swindle Us Package is not about saving the economy, it’s all about saving liberalism and the progressive view of the future. This is a spending bill, and the only thing it is intended to do is stimulate the government. On top of it, this is wanton borrowing – we are not spending what we have, we are borrowing our children’s future.

This package will reward supporters, support liberal causes, supply pet projects at home, and fund corrupt organizations like ACORN to help perpetuate the Democratic Party. FDR’s socialism perpetuated the Great Depression, and Obama’s socialism will perpetuate failure now. And our children will pay for it.

Obama’s sights are now on nationalizing failing banks, and failing mortgages.

Forget about 2012 – will the American People take our country back from Barack’s Socialist Party in 2010?

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Starbucks and Speeding Tickets and Stimulus by Alfonzo Rachel

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SUCKY HEALTHCARE! Socialism, ahoy! Steven Crowder

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Let’s Say “Goodbye” to Blago and Tom Together!

Update! I would be remiss, if I didn’t include Tom in a fitting Goodbye!

Well, another Democrat ends in disgrace. This has been a run for the Democrats from Governor Spitzer in New York to Mayor Kilpatrick in Detroit. But Blago does give us more to consider – he is from the same corrupt machine in Illinois as the new President.

Whatever you may say about the guy, he does have chutzpah. As we ponder his press appearances and his speech before the Illinios Senate, who unanimously convicted him 59-0 for abuse of power, and also voted 59-0 to prohibit him from ever holding public office in Illinois, let’s say goodbye to Blago together!

h/t to Michelle Malkin.

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