This has to drive the global warming crowd crazy!

This has to drive the global warming crowd crazy. I don’t think that anyone who pays attention to the news media, the entertainment industry, education, and everything else that impacts our culture (including those who are “enlightened” in the church), doubts that the message of global warming permeates throughout.

But it’s not just the message, it is the zealotry and the demand that everyone must believe that global warming is true. If you are not a believer, or if you are a doubter, you are then branded as as the enemy of mankind, a destroyer of the environment – or just a plain idiot.

This is why they must have nightmares when they hear news like this – folks really don’t see global warming as an important issue. A new Pew Research survey that came out this past week, gave the dim news to our global warming zealots – respondents ranks global warming dead last in priorities for 2009. Check out the survey here.

You can hear it throughout the land, “Dead last? Dead last? All this work to indoctrinate, sorry, I mean, informed all those unenlightened serfs of their impending doom – what will we do?”

Well, maybe you can something about all the cold here in Toledo.


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