The Tea Party is Here: Mr. President – We didn’t ask for socialism!

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From Rick Santelli on the Chicago Trading floor to Tea Party events springing up around the country – we are seeing signs of a good old fashion, American protest against tyranny.

When a government uses fear tactics, and closed debate in order to shove legislation down our throats – this is tyranny. When a government saddles our children and grand-children with debt they didn’t ask for and cannot possibly pay – this is tyranny. And when a few decide to “change” our way of life, in order to bring about socialism – this is tyranny!

But the issue really comes down to this: what will you do? Will you just sit back, and stare into the abyss of your TV? Will you wait while a few hijack our country – watching your freedoms and your livelihood drain away? Or will you do something?

There is a window of opportunity – there is time before Obama’s road to serfdom is fully in place. We must determine to act now, and make our voices known.

What can we do?

1) Be well informed about the issues, and find news and information sources that you can trust. Hint: it is not the “mainstream” media!

2) Become a news source!

Start a blog, use Myspace, FaceBook, Twitter, inform your friends of pertinent news and information.

But take it to the next step: ask yourself – what do I really get into? Is it theology, family, politics, social issues, writing, the entertainment industry, music, art, gardening, etc? Become an expert of what you love, and then make it a point to use your expertise and influence in behalf of others.

3) Bring on the heat – contact your elected officials and express your opinion. (That is an experience in itself!)

4) Become involved in the political process.

Run for office, help find good candidates, become part of a political campaign. Changing the House of Representatives in 2010, is the significant first step in protecting our freedoms and our children’s future.

5) Keep up with Tea Party News, attend Tea Party Events, and encourage others to do the same.

May I suggest Michelle Malkin as one of your sources? She has become a focal point in the Tea party Movement, and will keep you informed throughout the day regarding Obama’s road to serfdom.

Here are some other resources:

#TCOT Report
New American Tea Party
Tax Day Tea Party

Please stand up. Make a difference. Start throwing some tea overboard.


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