The Obama Road to Serfdom – The Stimulus Package

The Obama Road to Serfdom – The Stimulus Package

Put yourselves on the ways of long ago and enquire about the ancient paths: which was the good way? Take it then, and you shall find rest. Jeremiah 6:16

Serfdom – a member of a servile feudal class bound to the land and subject to the will of its owner – Merriam-Webster

We are on the Obama Road to serfdom. His call for change doesn’t lead us to a new path, a new road, but a path that has led to failure. His new change is to visit failure again. Instead of following the flow of freedom in the West from a totalitarian state, to freedoms unheard of in world history, Obama’s Road to Serdom will creep us ever closer to socialism – which in turn, will hand over our future to the State, and to servitude.

Instead of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed, Barack Obama wants us to bow our knee as a people of the government, by the government, and for the government. As a radical leftist, his intention is to bring change. But he wants to change the very fabric of our free society, to remake it, into his and his fellow elite’s image. His goal – to remake the most free, most prosperous, most powerful, most religious country in the world, and reduce it to a European secular socialist state.

The Democrats are now using our economic emergency to shove this agenda down our throats. The Stimulus Package is not about saving the economy, it’s all about saving liberalism and the progressive view of the future. This is a spending bill, and the only thing it is intended to do is stimulate the government. On top of it, this is wanton borrowing – we are not spending what we have, we are borrowing our children’s future.

President Obama has stated that this is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. In a sense, the constant rhetoric from the media, the Democrats and the President has helped hurt the economy – in undermining the confidence of the American people. It would do him well to remember the Great Depression, and that FDR’s socialist experiments were a disaster. After the first eight years of his administration, the Depression still loomed and the unemployment rate was still in double digits. World War 2, and a wartime economy pulled the U.S. out of it’s worse economic crisis in it’s history.

But the President is incorrect: this isn’t the worst economy since the Great Depression. All one has to do, is go back to 1982. In the aftermath of the disastrous Jimmy Carter administration, Ronald Reagan came into an economy with double digit inflation, interest rates as high as 21%, the unemployment rate reaching to 10.8%, and the GDP fell by 6.4%. Today? Inflation is near 0%, interest rates near .25%, the unemployment rate is 7.2%, and the GDP fell by 3.8%.

What did Ronald Reagan do? He believed that to revive the economy was to unshackle the free market. He believed in the American people. It was not up to the government to create jobs – government was wasteful, bloated, and self absorbed – in other words, government was the problem. It was the government’s responsibility to remove the obstacles to the free market, so that it could create jobs. How did he do this?

First: by cutting corporate taxes and interest rates, it made money available to the free market in order to start new businesses, expand existing companies – and create jobs.

Second: by cutting income taxes for everyone, it allowed the free flow of money into the market – contributing to the growth in the economy.

Ronald Reagan believed in the American people, that it was their money, and it was up to them in how to spend it. The result? The greatest expansion of a peacetime economy in our history. John Kennedy in the sixties and George Bush after 9/11, followed the same path as Reagan – with the same result.

President Obama believes in the State, that tax money is the possession of the federal government, and the elites know better in how to spend it. The problem? The government spending tax money to get out of the recession has never worked. FDR followed this path, Richard Nixon followed this path, and both found that it was a path to failure.

My parents escaped from communist Hungary. I heard first hand, stories of their experiences in a oppressive atheistic society. The State, with a self designated elite ruling class, was in control of the church, the media, the economy, and healthcare. The State determined a person’s value and place in society – and self expression submitted to it’s will

I saw first hand in my father, what freedom actually means, after being shackled by a totalitarian State. The man never said much to me: but what he did say, expressed what freedom meant to him – deep down inside. “Jimmy, don’t ever let anyone tell you what you want to be, in this country, you can be whatever you decide to be. In this country, you don‘t have to afraid to say anything you want to say, and you can vote for whoever you chose to.”

My father and my mother left everything behind, to live in the freest nation on the face of the earth, to start a new life. They gave me the inheritance of freedom, and this freedom grew deep down in my heart and soul, as I saw my father proudly entering the voting booth, or as he stayed glued to the TV, watching free speech in action when he watched the news.

With the coming of Obamaworld, the storm has begun. The winds are blowing, and there is a flashing of light in the distance. We are in a turning point in history, we are at a fork in the road. Do we follow the Obama Road to Serfdom, in servitude to the State, or do we follow the path of freedom and prosperity?

The important thing to know: we can do something, we can make a difference! We are not a helpless lot. We are commanded in Scripture to overcome evil with good – this shows us that we are not a slave to the times before us.

The important thing right now in regards to this Stimulus Package, is to get the word out to as many people as possible, and encourage them to contact their U.S. Senators – and make their opinion known.

May I make some more suggestions in a call to action, and preparing for the coming of Obamaworld? I have written a blog, “Obamaworld Cometh – Prepare for the Storm” where I do this very thing. You can read it here.

What will I do? “The Obama Road to Serfdom” is a first in a series. It’s focus will be in getting to know the new President, and his agenda for our nation.

May I ask – what will you do!

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