Obamaworld Cometh – Prepare for the Storm

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There are times that define a people. Times that will change history, whether for the good or for the bad. It may sneak up on you, or you may have the foresight to see it coming. But nonetheless, there are times that look at you straight in the eye, challenging you – daring you to do something. Times that will push at you, showing it’s fist, expecting you to back off, so that it’s able to roll in without any hindrance at all.

We are facing one of those times. Obamaworld cometh! You stand there and see the storm coming, the clouds are swirling, and the lightening is flashing in the distance. You wonder if the storm of the times will pass by, or if you will have to go through it’s fury. A storm is like that. You don’t know how bad it will be, until you actually go through it.

What will Obamaworld be like? We won’t know until we go through it. But just as we can see signs from a coming storm to judge what it will do, there are signs of the coming Obamaworld, that may give us a picture.

1) We will have the least experienced President in our country’s history, during one of the most challenging times in history.

Even Vice President-elect Joe Biden admitted: ‘I think he can be ready but right now, I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.” Joe Biden also warns: “Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy [Obama]…I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate.”

President-elect Obama has no executive experience. He has never served in the military. It is not only our economic crisis that will face him, it will be the War on Terror, Iraq and Afghanistan. With the world staring him down, whether the Middle East, Russia, N Korea and China – will he have the courage to look at them straight in the eye, and act with the right response?

2) We will have the most pro-abortion President in our country’s history.

One of Obama’s first acts as President, will be the removal of the ban by President Bush in providing federal funds for international family planning organizations, that recommend and promote abortion. It will also include embryonic stem cell research, and just might remove the ban on funding China’s one child policy.

But his promise to planned parenthood to sign FOCA will change our country forever. The Freedom of Choice Act will make abortion a fundamental right, and will remove all local, state, and federal restrictions on abortion. This will include the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and the Hyde amendment, which forbids the use of federal monies to fund abortions. It will force all health providers to provide the availability of abortion, including Christian hospitals. There is even wording that can be construed that opponents of abortion, may be sued because they are perceived as discriminating against those who have had an abortion, or against those who desire an abortion.

If Obama goes through with his promise, he will plunge this country into a storm that will bitterly divide its people beyond comprehension.

3) We will have the most radically left President in our country’s history.

There are some things that we must understand about the Radical Left. First, they hate this country. Second, they want the U.S. reduced to a socialist nation, and have the status of a secular European country. Third, they think we are stupid and we can’t make it without them. Fourth, they especially hate Christians.

Looking back at the 20th century, there were two presidents that accelerated the advancement of liberal/progressive policies in our country, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

Franklin Roosevelt had exceptional leadership skills, and carried our nation through the Great Depression. But his socialist experimentation to solve the problem of the Great Depression was a grand failure. At the end of his first eight years, the unemployment rate was still at 20%. If it wasn’t for the war time economy of WW2, America’s economy may never have achieved it’s super status.

Lyndon Johnson’s motive for the Great Society was to eliminate poverty, and believed that the State through government programs could do it. For all his good intentions, the results actually institutionalized poverty, and created generational welfare. Single parent homes sky rocketed, thereby guaranteeing poverty will remain among us for years to come. More than thirty years ago, then President Jimmy Carter stated, “the welfare system is anti-work, anti-family, inequitable in its treatment of the poor and wasteful of the taxpayers’ dollars.”

We are now in the position of taking a huge step forward to socialism. If Obama’s stimulus package is passed, as is, we will no longer be a free market economy as we know it.

4) We will have a President that has emerged from one of the most corrupt political machines in the country.

Of the many things that the media has left untouched, Obama emerged from one of the most corrupt political machines in our country. We are known by our friends and associations, and his associations such as Rev Jeremiah Wright, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, felon Tony Rezco, Fr Michael Phleger, and, let us affectionately say, Blago – does give grave concern.

Not only are his associations problematic, it is the misinformation that Obama uses to avert the issue when asked about his past. It makes one wonder what is really going on, and alerts one to think, “What is this guy hiding?”

Washington D.C. is corrupt enough, but will he make it the new Chicago? Or should we say, Blagoville?

5) We will have a President that doesn’t handle opposition very well.

Let’s take a look at his past behavior. We see Obama’s reaction to Joe the Plummer, just for asking a question! Joe doesn’t live too far from me – an Obama supporter in Lucas County used government computer systems to investigate the poor guy. How about Barbara West? She asked Joe Biden some tough questions and Obama people whisked him away – and then Barack banished the TV station forever! Three reporters were banished from Obama’s plane during the campaign, simply because their newspapers endorsed McCain. May I say – Big Baby Barack?

This really is a serious issue. Even the Clinton’s accused the Obama campaign of using the race card. For the first time in my life, I have been accused of spreading hate and racism – just because I oppose his abortion and leftist policies. (You cannot believe some of the hate mail that I have received, from Obama supporters that accuse me of hate!).

What will he do when times get tough and the crowds don’t adore him? Will this be his and his supporters M.O., to confront opposition to his policies? Will he decide to pass the Fairness Doctrine?

In the end, because of his limited track record, and a very scripted rendition of his past – we really don’t know a whole lot about him. What we are left with are questions – and very concerned about what the answers may be.

How hard will this storm hit us? I don’t know. I pray that it will blow by, and the new President will prove all the signs wrong. But in the end, let’s hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

Suggestions in Preparing for the Storm

Be not afraid! Please remember: God really is in control – He has a plan, and it’s up to us to tap into it. In life, we are always presented with opportunities, and we have one given to us now. We will stand together as a salt and a light, presenting the Gospel of Life, in a world that has taken one extra step toward darkness.

Be not a hater! The Left has proved to be a hateful and vicious lot, and they are a good example of what NOT to be. Who wants to be like that anyway – phooey! Let us conduct ourselves with strong conviction, confident in our message, but always in love – and have some fun at the same time.

Be not a hypocrite! Pray for our country’s new President. Pray for his advisors and those serving in his administration. Be sure to pray daily.

May I make some suggestions for the coming of Obamaworld?

1) Get serious about your faith. Be a person of love, truth, and healing. Have a good sense of purpose, and a strong set of priorities. It is important to build intuitive and discerning skills, in determining what is the right thing to do in the times we are given.

2) Know your stuff. Be well informed about the issues, and find news and information sources that you can trust. Hint: it is not the “mainstream” media!

Ask yourself – what do I really get into? Is it theology, family, politics, social issues, writing, the entertainment industry, music, art, gardening, etc? Become an expert of what you love, and then make it a point to use your expertise and influence in behalf of God’s purposes.

3) Keep your heart at home. Strengthen your family. Determine to have your home as a beacon of light, an agent of healing. Be part of a community that is dedicated to the same thing. Stop being a wanderer, and be part of a local church. Build strong relationships with people you can trust, and do not “go it” alone.

4) Invest in the job you have now. I think there is a stat that 80% of folks are in a job they hate. But in times of higher unemployment, excel where you are at right now, so that other doors will be opened for you. You need to be a good example anyway.

5) Pray for wisdom when it comes to finances. Debt is not a good thing. A spendthrift, mindless spending of money in a materialistic lifestyle is disastrous. Bless those in need with your giving, and you will be blessed.

6) Enjoy life and be a happy person. There is nothing worse than worrying, hand wringing, and being overcome by the evil in our culture. If you are not careful, it will consume you. Give yourself permission to be happy and enjoy life.

7) Take care of yourself! It’s time to give up smoking, the abuse of alcohol, quit drugs (illegal and the abuse of legal drugs), and overeating. End the pornography now – it will turn you into an animalistic machine.

Join the resistance, and be part of the loyal opposition! Yes, we all can do something – but you have a God given purpose, that only you can do. There are people that only you can touch, waiting for your expression of God’s love.

Remember that this is a government of “We the People.” In other words, the President is hired to do a job, and he is answerable to us – we are the boss. It is part of the loyal opposition’s job to keep things honest.


Frodo: “I wish the ring had never come to me, I wish that none of this had happened.”

Gandalf: “So do all who live to see such times. But that it is not for them to decide. All we have to do is decide what do with the time that is given us.”

What we will do with the times that are given to us? What will we do as the storm of Obamaworld comes? Will we look at it straight in the eye, take a stand, and do the right thing? Or will we cower at it’s coming, bending to it’s will?

What will I do? I thought a trip to Tahiti would be nice – especially this time of year. (Where is that Global Warming anyway?) Just kidding! I am committed to building a Culture of Life through a Civilization of Love in my writing, by focusing on the 7 items listed above.

But that’s me. What will you do?

© Jim Blazsik 2009


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